Inphinity Customer Success Webinar

LinkedIn Live Webinar: Bell Group

Featuring our customer Siobhan Mcmillan from Bell Group

LinkedIn Live Webinar: Bell Group


The Inphinity ∞ team are excited to share our customer success webinar hosted by our very own Martin Kostic & Simon Kirby. Featuring our customer Siobhan Mcmillan from Bell Group.

Bell is currently one of the largest Property Services contractors in the UK, both in terms of  geographical coverage and directly employed workforce.

Operating since 1988 the  group has grown to offer a full spectrum of property services across 37 branches.

Bell Group use Inphinity with #qliksense to enter data directly into Qlik for HR purposes and forward work planning, and this is just the beginning of their journey with Inphinity. The aim is to eradicate the use of spreadsheets being sent back and forth across the group in all instances and replace this process with Inphinity. Siobhan will showcase, through a live demonstration how they are using Inphinity’s premium data entry capabilities. 

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Introductions and Inphinity Overview

New to Inphinity? Check out the power that Inphinity Suite can bring to your organisation with writeback, process intelligence and the unstructured data connector.  

Live demo: Siobhan McMillan, Bell Group

See Siobhan demonstrate how they have eliminated manual errors in tracking employee absences, including sick days and annual leave, across the group with Inphinity ensuring a clear view of days left and days carried over for each employee, all in one unified platform.

No more collating spreadsheets across multiple admin teams, no more discrepancies or missed data.

Interactive Q&A

Get the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your challenges/requirements with our experts.

On-demand webinar

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Siobhan McMillan
Data Scientist at Bell Group
Martin Kostic
Simon Kirby
Enterprise Solutions Director at Inphinity