Inphinity Customer Success Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Pronto Network Cooperative

Featuring our customer Brooks Cochrum from The Pronto Network.

On-Demand Webinar: Pronto Network Cooperative

The Inphinity ∞ team are excited to share our customer success webinar hosted by our very own Martin Kostic & Simon Kirby. Featuring our customer Brooks Cochrum from The Pronto Network.

The Pronto Network is the largest automotive program distribution group in North America. They are a member owned organization serving 235 wholesale distributors with over 600 distribution center locations, and over 1,500 auto stores.

Pronto use Inphinity with #qliksense to collect data from their members and provide substantial benefits to their network. Brooks will showcase, through a live demonstration how they are using Inphinity’s premium writeback capabilities. 

Now available on-demand see the important benefits of capturing and collecting data with Inphinity in Qlik compared to spreadsheet-based solutions.

If you want to learn more about how you can collect external data using Inphinity write-back (from customers, partners, suppliers, members), or if you are involved in loyalty programmes or membership organisations register now to access the on-demand webinar and see how Inphinity for #qliksense can benefit your organisation


Introductions and Inphinity Overview

New to Inphinity? Check out the power that Inphinity Suite van bring to your organisation with writeback, process intelligence and the unstructured data connector.  

Live demo: Brooks Cochrum, Pronto Network

See Brooks demonstrate how they:

🚘map their members (and associated customers) to Vendor Rebate schemes & simplify complex rebate claims using Inphinity Forms to qualify, approve and initiate rebates.
🚘 provide a CRM-style member profile solution using Inphinity Forms to update fields directly in Qlik

Interactive Q&A

Get the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your challenges/requirements with our experts.

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Brooks Cochrum
Business Intelligence
Martin Kostic
Simon Kirby
Enterprise Solutions Director at Inphinity