HR workflow into action

HR workflow into action

I want my organisation to be outstanding. I want high performing teams. I want high performing colleagues. Creating a culture of success relies on excellent people, processes and systems.

To make this happen, a few fundamentals need to come together and harmonize. You need leadership and alignment to the objectives, all the way from a strategic level, through to each team and individual – a line of sight.

To support this, I need an appraisal system that connects, engages, scales, flexes and collaborates across the organization in a consistent way.

I want a culture of honest and productive conversations that add value to both colleagues and the organization – maximizing potential and driving a high-performance ethos.

I want to create a great place to work, increase diversity and inclusion, trust, and confidence. I want teams and employees to be empowered to develop and be happy at work. A culture of development and innovation is one of my highest priorities.

Now, thanks to Qlik, you can have a simple and intuitive process that joins and collaborates the organizational objectives with teams and individuals. Existing clunky processes and spreadsheets can be banished and replaced with smooth workflows. We have developed and share with you a demo app – to get you inspired how easy and seamless it can be within the Qlik Sense.


Many different HR processes can be covered within one native, secure and easy-to-use environment of Qlik:


Create vacancy approval, candidate documentation (e.g. CV), interview and selection, SLAs


Automate appraisal process through creating objectives, adding competencies, uploading documentation, entering notes from 1-1s


Understand absence management, create reviews, notes and actions for 1-1s, attach evidence and monitor progress


Create disciplinary workflows, case files, review, approvals, and add key evidence.


Create talent management workflows, notes, evidence, progress and results


Link your strategy and objectives, create actions, add and monitor behavioural standards, and monitor compliance


Create health and wellbeing plans, objectives, actions and review


Remove spreadsheets, create simple administrational processes and approvals, monitor SLAs

Organizational objectives and job profiles can be uploaded – ready for colleagues to input meaningful personal goals and supported training. Line managers can carry out objective setting with colleagues and input objectives and notes in real-time.

At the yearly review process, managers and colleagues can use their single source of truth, Qlik Sense app, to use an evidence-based approach to support a quality conversation on progress made, lessons learned, and opportunities to develop further. The Qlik Analytics platform provides all the fantastic analytical insight to support an overall assessment process.

Goals and training areas are added in a few clicks and ongoing monitoring and delivery are made simple in the Qlik platform. Supporting your progress, is the clever, unique document attach and unstructured data analyzer. Use these things to assess and store vital evidence about your progress.

Being in Qlik, aggregating and analyzing the compliance and standards across the whole organization, has never been easier. I love how you can quickly identify compliance with objective setting, 1-1 conversations, evidence attach, and progress made. I can even carry out dip samples on the quality of objective setting and evidence submission. Further value is provided by using the system to identify talent and pay reward correlations and opportunities.

Transform traditional spreadsheet-based recruitment, from the initial vacancy approval, through to collating, shortlisting, and interviewing candidates. The recruiting process is made easy, through the ability to attach CVs, certifications, and interview criteria. Thanks to this approach your whole HR team will have access to one single source of trustworthy and up to date data. Selection approval is simple through the ability to collaborate within the Qlik system.

Using Qlik Sense together with Inphinity Forms really has transformed traditional processes and provided a new, exciting, and joined-up way to do appraisals. I am expecting organizational performance to improve – through more aligned priorities, improved quality, and increased productivity.


Would you like to try it? You can now download the demo app and try it in your own Qlik Sense environment.

Sheets available in the demo:

  • Team Structure Overview. Simple but powerful dashboard about the structure of current teams. Inphinity Forms is used for sharing insights.
  • Employee Detail. Select one employee, see associated data, and update all relevant information about his/her experience, knowledge, and goals by using Forms.
  • Employee Search. Data inserted by Inphinity Forms can be analyzed by using the unique Qlik’s associative data model. This sheet is highly recommended for presentations to not-yet Qlik users.
  • Hiring. Explore the possibilities of having a single source of truth about the hiring process. Uploading CVs is supported.

Do you want to see Inphinity Forms in action on your data? Download a free trial.

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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