Inphinity Forms 9.0 – Major feature release!

Inphinity Forms 9.0 – Major feature release!

Working on a very popular Qlik extension like write-back, means you keep having and hearing cool ideas for new features. The hard decision as CTO is to find the right balance between adding new features and enhancing the current ones. In the end, current features are most often the reasons our clients decided to use Inphinity Forms to make their Qlik applications actionable. In this release, we’ve delivered big technical enhancements, new Qlik-native design options, small but important improvements, and prepared the architecture for many new cool features coming in further releases – let’s take a look 😉.

Inphinity’s customer centric approach has helped us maximize the value of our investment in Qlik with their Inphinity Forms write-back and solve key business processes.

Shamanth Muppidi
Waterfall Asset Managemnt, NYC, US

More key dimensions

In the beginning, we decided to support one dimension only as a unique key when storing data, to prevent unexpected behaviour when adding/deleting dimensions in a form table. However, we knew this would change at some point – once we had enough feedback and knowledge of how our extension is used in a real life. And the time is now! From now on, you can use as many dimensions as you want.

Qlik themes supported

We love creative and open-minded partners and customers! Many of you were asking for an option to easily change the visual of Inphinity Forms. And since we keep developing a true Qlik-native extension, there is no better way than supporting Qlik themes! 🤩and if that wasn’t enough documentation of CSS rules is now included.

Inphinity Forms SaaS enhancements

We’re very proud that Inphinity Forms SaaS is becoming a demanded part of Inphinity Suite. With both, full SaaS and hybrid SaaS setup, everyone can find the best architecture meeting their needs and security requirements. We see the true value in it for our customers and becuase of this we’re committed to doing our best in the SaaS field, too. In this release, you can already find a few enhancements, mostly based on our customer’s feedback.

The current app reload type is supported and set as default (instead of Task reload) so you can make the most out of your Qlik Sense SaaS.

The full changelog is available when loading your data back to the app via REST connector.

UI enhancements on Inphinity Universe portal where you manage data storages and user permissions are quite small but in the end, definitely increases the usability of the portal and user experience.

Other technical enhacements

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, in this release we’ve rebuilt some parts of Inphinity Forms to bring you new features but also open doors for further innovation in the next releases. For now, you can utilize the following.

✔ Forms Specific redesigned with a better performance

✔ User name in changelog can be used (instead of ID)

✔ Licensed features visible in Forms Admin app

✔ Unified license key for Inphinity Suite is supported

✔ Other small but important improvements can be found in the changelog

I hope you find the new release of Inphinity Forms interesting and above all, useful 😉.

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Enjoy Inphinity Forms 😉!

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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