Inphinity is excited to support Team Qhubeka through our CSR programme

Inphinity is excited to support Team Qhubeka through our CSR programme

Qlik , Inphinity & Team Qhubeka focus on performance and social impact

Partnership Combines Mutual Focus on Bringing Data Together for Performance and Social Impact

Qlik® has become the official Analytics Partner of Team Qhubeka professional cycling team for the 2023 race season. With Qlik, Team Qhubeka will expand its long-term strategy of using data and analytics to optimize the logistics, planning and performance of every aspect of its mission-driven cycling team. Inphinity are very proud to be supporting this endeavour by providing free Inphinity Suite licenses to compliment and enhance the analytics capability of Qlik.

Team Qhubeka has a clear mission of fostering ambition, creating opportunities, and changing lives with bicycles. The team is also one of the most technologically enabled cycling teams in the world, using innovative solutions to optimise performance while driving brand awareness through a purpose-led, shared value approach. This aligns perfectly with Qlik’s goal of helping organizations access and transform data into meaningful action across the globe to create a sustainable, data-literate world.

With Qlik, Team Qhubeka will for the first time be able to bring together all the team’s data for analysis in one platform, leveraging common APIs to break down data silos.

This will allow the team to query and explore their data on a whole new level for better-informed decision-making across the team’s entire staff.

This is a game changer for us. With Qlik we can build a rider’s optimal race programme from existing data we didn’t fully leverage before. The level of insight Qlik is providing us with an integrated platform brings together all our data into a single source of truth, enabling real-time collaboration between all members of our staff and riders.

We analyze every physical component we can of the individual to try and create better understanding to help us make the incremental improvements that determine winning and losing. With Qlik, we can bring all this information together and provide our team with insights at the touch of a button, regardless of their location. Having this depth and quality of data will give us an edge over our competitors, assisting in improving our win ratio and overall team ranking.

Douglas Ryder
Team Principal for Team Qhubeka

Team Qhubeka has a continuous and growing wealth of data it creates and consumes daily to inform decisions that will result in wins. This includes everything from initial rider selection – particularly for new team riders – all the way through data related to travel logistics, sleep patterns from smart devices, and outputs from power meters on the racing bicycles. All these inputs will be efficiently analysed and easily understood using Qlik and Inphinity Suite for pre-event planning and post-race analysis during longer multi-stage races.

The importance of the cloud and real-time collaboration is essential to the team’s success. The team’s riders and staff race 200+ days per year across multiple countries. The logistics and related data supporting a cycling team which includes a fleet of vehicles that serve as the team’s on-the-road nerve centers, along with continuous updating and planning from bars, restaurants and hotels, making Team Qhubeka’s office the open roads of the world. Qlik’s analytics are built for a multi-cloud world, making it a perfect match for how Team Qhubeka needs to operate.

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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