Qlik Geex: Discussion about the writeback

Qlik Geex: Discussion about the writeback

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the first recorded discussion about the write-back where Inphinity, Vizlib and Inform are discussing the topic together!

“With Inphinity Forms we’re helping to expand the purpose of Qlik… People very often understand it this way – we generate data, connect it, clean it, load it to the data analytics tool and this is where the process ends. And I think we all are doing our job to show them it’s not necessarily the end. You have the data here. This is where it all starts.” Our Mária Šándorová, shared her thoughts and our point of view.

What is Inphinity Forms?

Inphinity Forms is the 1st natively integrated write-back extension that turns your Qlik Sense into a Swiss knife.

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