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At Inphinity, we are leading the revolution in Business Intelligence – turning data into action

Inphinity is a team of data and AI experts, innovators, and enthusiasts passionate about pushing the boundaries of the possible in the world of data.

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What do we believe in?

Pushing the boundaries

Traditionally, Business Intelligence was used to analyse the data and drive conclusions while all the action happened somewhere outside it. In today’s AI age, it’s time to change this legacy and push the boundaries of business intelligence once again, transform the mission-critical processes, and experience financial benefits beyond expected.

Value comes from action

Business intelligence can be much more than just analytics. It can be a central hub for managing the whole company. In order to achieve this, you should be able to act upon your data, right in your BI tool, immediately when you discover something.

Context is king if you want the truth

The truth is in data. But, in order to avoid biases and distortions, data needs to be presented in context. We need to understand how the underlying processes really look like in real world, not just how they are designed “on paper”. And evaluate data in context of these processes.

Data has to serve the people

People should be able to interact with data, add their notes, custom categories, mappings, provide any type of feedback, status update, deadlines, trigger tasks in other systems. Without having to export the data to a spreadsheet.

The future of planning is where the data is

You don’t need to spend a fortune in monolythical standalone planning tools to drive performance and efficiency. The future is in planning where the data is. A modern, lightweight, yet governed and highly performing planning apps, customised exactly to the user’s workflow, with no unnecessary features, and with direct impact on the business results.

Trusted by the leaders

Our leadership team

Martin Kostic

Chief Executive Officer

Martin, CEO and Founder of both Inphinity and EMARK , is an inspirational and innovative leader who is dedicated to helping businesses and people get true value from their data. At Inphinity he is responsible for driving the core value of innovation throughout the team and the Qlik Community.

Simon Kirby

Chief Solutions Officer

Simon, a specialist in ‘Industry Pre-Sales’, ‘Customer Success’, and ‘Strategic Advisory’, has been working in the software industry for 11 years. He is passionate about helping customers solve complex problems and achieve maximum value from the products and services they have acquired.

Maria Oreska

Chief Product Officer

Maria, a doctor in applied mathematics, is a true data enthusiast. Her mission is to bring data and people closer with the ultimate goal of AI-human collaboration. Utilizing her background as a Qlik developer and collaborating with our partners and customers, she ensures Inphinity products are user-friendly and useful.

Tomas Janco

Chief Technical Officer

Tomas spearheads innovative technological strategies to drive the company’s growth and development. With a visionary approach and extensive expertise, Tomas is dedicated to enhancing user experiences.

Peter Farkas

Chief Information Officer

Peter orchestrates the strategic management of data and information systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimization across all platforms. With a relentless focus on efficiency and security, Peter leads Inphinity in leveraging information technology to achieve its business objectives and surpass industry standards.

Martin Lobotka

Chief Financial Officer

Martin, CFO of both Inphinity and Emark Analytics, is an experienced CFO and Qlik enthusiast. He has implemented and developed management dashboards for control and visibility across both companies. His financial and technical skill sets are complemented by excellent management and people skills.

Imogen Pickett

Marketing Director

An experienced marketer with over 15 years in the Qlik space, Imogen Pickett is a creative thinker credited with delivering robust and engaging marketing campaigns that improve and revamp consumer engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Her efforts are complemented by excellent interpersonal, communication, and negotiation skills.

Richard Lantz

Business Development Director EMEA & AMERICAS

A collaborative leader with over 27 years of experience increasing market share across Africa and generating multi-channel growth in the Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Integration landscape, spanning the Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Telecommunication sectors.

Mike Hollobon

Business Development Director APAC

Mike has had an eclectic background, from recruitment to headhunting, SaaS solution sales, and car detailing. However there has always been one constant consistently growing long term customer relationships, built on trust and delivering on promises made.

Guilherme Approbato

Country Manager APAC

Guilherme is an experienced business consultant specialized in Business Intelligence (Qlik and Data), Strategy, and Management. He possesses strong interpersonal skills, enabling him to effectively communicate and translate business requirements into technical development. A problem solver with a creative mindset and proactive attitude, Guilherme is also a polyglot and language enthusiast.

We care

We believe that the actions of every person matter. Everyone can have a positive impact on the world around them and make it a better place. We assist change through our technology, development and expertise. It is our deep value that our products should enable accelerated global problem solving to benefit not only the businesses that we service but also to the global society, and the planet.


Alfanar strives to improve the lives of underprivileged women, youth and children, including refugees, by supporting the growth of sustainable, scalable social enterprises.

How we help: After just two weeks of using Inhinity Forms, the Alfanar team eliminated lengthy emails by using the Comments object in Qlik to directly communicate adjustments, changes, and insights.


Changing lives through Education, VTCT is one of the UK’s market-leading Awarding and End-point Assessment Organisations, offering technical and vocational qualifications. Aiming to advance education for the benefit of the public.

How we help: VTCT accelerates their quarterly data returns using Inphinity Forms, cutting down the process from six months to real-time updates and allocations

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay

Committed to making the Trust ‘a great place to be cared for; a great place to work’ through the delivery of the highest possible standards of compassionate care, as well as our research and education strategy to provide the very best patient and staff experience.

How we help: UHMB’s ops team values Inphinity for rapid, secure data entry and clear tracking. Agile and integrated with Qlik, it enhances data quality and accelerates responses, ensuring safe operations.


Medair’s purpose is to save lives and relieve human suffering in the world’s hardest to reach and devastated places.

How we help: Medair deployed the Inphinity Suite onto their Qlik Cloud tenant, optimizing recurring bookings postings into their ERP system, Unit 4.