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Training Basic

Users & Power Users

Focus: Usage & front-end options
  • Introduction: Business value & use cases
  • Your first process with Inphinity Flow
  • Internal file search: Inphinity Mole
  • Collaboration: Inphinity Forms Object Commenting
  • Basics of Inphinity Forms General & Single Record
  • Summary & Q&A
1 300 € 1 Training day
Training Pro


Focus: Architecture, script & Qlik integration
  • Integration of Inphinity Flow into Qlik apps
  • Introduction: Business value & use cases
  • Do the magic with Inphinity Forms
  • Unlock the unstructured data: Inphinity Mole
  • Your own approval application
  • Inphinity Suite SaaS
  • Summary & Q&A
3 000 € 2 Training days
Training Pro


Focus: Administration, user permissions & security
  • “Just” an extension: Inphinity Flow
  • Inphinity Forms: Installation & Configuration
  • Inphinity Forms: User Access Management
  • Inphinity Mole: Qlik Custom Connector
  • Inphinity Suite SaaS
  • Reporting problems & requesting support
  • Summary & Q&A
3 000 € 1.5 training days
Training Pro


Focus: REST, integrations & custom write-back extensions
  • REST integration in Inphinity Forms
  • New superpowers I: Custom extensions
  • New superpowers II: Inphinity Flow actions
  • Inphinity Forms backend APIs
  • Inphinity Forms Specific: Your own writeback extension
  • Summary & Q&A
3 500 € 1 Training day

Custom training

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