Inphinity Forms – Qlik native planning and forecasting

Unlock the power of unified planning and analytics

Available for Qlik Sense On-Prem / Cloud / Hybrid

Accelerate the planning process with a streamlined in-Qlik workflow that’s custom-fit, user-friendly, and governed.

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The Problem

Navigating multiple spreadsheets makes planning a nightmare.

Many files, manual inputs, and version confusion slow everything down.

The status and quality of user data aren’t verified.

Dedicated planning apps are difficult to use, rigid, and lack strong analytics.

Our Solution

A flexible system for seamless in-Qlik planning, forecasting, and analytics.

Reduce friction and speed up planning

Remove spreadsheet hassles with a straightforward, user-friendly interface. Inphinity clarifies planning with streamlined data entry, version management, and efficient plan consolidation.

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Boost trust, transparency, and responsibility

Every action in Inphinity is recorded and accessible in Qlik reports. This visibility allows for approvals at various levels, progress tracking, and continuous improvement of the planning process.

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Loop planning and analytics together

Instantly access the data you input for deeper analysis. With Inphinity, planning and analytics converge into one source. Benefit from AI/ML forecasting and prefill the plans with existing Qlik data.

Lower costs and complexity

Inphinity provides a flexible, self-managed setup for all planning, budgeting, and forecasting needs. Avoid costs associated with third-party change requests, outdated systems, or complex and expensive software solutions.

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We can’t wait to show you how to loop planning and analytics!

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Discover more features

Qlik native

Interactive and editable objects embedded in Qlik.


On-prem, full & hybrid SaaS.

High-performance Storages

QVDs, Databases, REST APIs, XML files.

Instant Writeback

Qlik objects refresh without app reload with SSE functions.

Concurrent Users

Developed to be used by hundreds of concurrent users.

Security & Governance

Encryption, change log, Qlik native authentication.

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What our customers are saying about us

BI teams are winning with Inphinity

Read how

BI teams are winning with Inphinity

Read how

Inphinity Forms is a brilliant write-back, seamlessly integrated in Qlik. The ops team loved the concept of rapid and secure write-back and creating a clear evidence trail. We use Forms in combination with Qlik & Qlik Alerting for data quality improvement. We also use it for real-time data capture in Qlik. And we see many more highly appealing use cases.

Rob O’Neill
Head of Information, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay, NHS Foundation Trust

Before Forms, we were using Excel spreadsheets. Despite months spent building the templates, we were not able to achieve a seamless planning process mainly due to the complexity, manual steps that are prone to errors, and difficult consolidation of multiple spreadsheets. We needed a governed solution, unified front-end, and automation of manual calculation steps.

Jeff Brown
General Manager Supply Chain, Mayo Hardware

We manage our data quality issues directly in Qlik with Inphinity. It is very easy both to develop and to use, especially because the work is done right where the data is, so everything can be taken in full context. It’s the right way, with Inphinity Forms.

Radomir Starzyczny
Head of Data and Analytics, Model Group

Inphinity’s customer centric approach has helped us maximize the value of our investment in Qlik with their INPHINITY FORMS write-back and solve key business processes.

Shamanth Muppidi
Director at Waterfall Asset Management, NYC US

Inphinity Forms enables us to remove Excel spreadsheets in our business modeling in Qlik and bring information faster to the people who need it in the field.

Pavol Jinoch
Business Development Director, Alliance Healthcare

The setup was incredibly easy. We put all our spreadsheets on Dropbox, signed-up to Inphinity platform, picked the app we wanted, and followed the instructions to feed our data to the dashboards. The result was outstanding! We subscribed right after expiration of trial period for a fraction of the competitor’s price.

Ben Kissell
Operations Manager at Thunderbox Industries

We’ve built the whole Project tracking solution around Inphinity Forms in Qlik Sense. The development was much faster and easier than it would be with other technologies. A crucial part was the unique option to upload files to the server directly from the Qlik application by using Inphinity Forms. It is already used in production, saves time, and brings value also by having data directly in Qlik where we analyze it.

Anton Bulik
Performance & Business Intelligence Manager, Orange Business Services

The implementation of Sales Planning in Forms took us just 4 weeks – incredible achievement compared to our previous planning solution in Excel, which took us months to build.

Jeff Brown
General Manager Supply Chain, Mayo Hardware

The use of writeback has been pivotal. Allowing our clinical staff to capture information in real-time and augment clinical records has been so important. Without question, it’s a mission critical app that impacts on the safe care of patients

Rob O’Neill
Head of Information, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay, NHS Foundation Trust

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Inphinity distributes its products through a global partner program, working closely with partners and customers to push the boundaries of data analytics and creating solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve Qlik user satisfaction.