Inphinity Forms

Feature Overview


Data Entry


All editable objects automatically adjust in the Qlik sheet based on your interactions and selections. Select dimensions, sort by Qlik data and entry fields, and search within them.

Forms General

Table that combines Qlik dimensions and measures with editable fields. Ideal for structured overviews or updating multiple rows at once.

Forms Planning

Enter and update data in an editable pivot table. Defined aggregation functions and distribution methods are applied automatically.

Forms Single Record

A single form used to update data on a specific employee, customer, or product. Also ideal for surveys.

Forms Object Commenting

Integrated chat enables discussions over specific Qlik visualizations or sheets, with multiple formatting and tagging options. Attach Qlik snapshots or other files to comments.

Forms Specific

Add notes to Qlik selections in an editable sheet area, with multiple formatting options available.

Field Types

Choose from standard field types like text, number, date, time, checkbox, switch, and range, as well as unique options like color picker, traffic light, radiobutton, and file upload.


Field types can automatically calculate values from the Qlik data model or other data entry fields. For example, a traffic light can show how close you are to reaching a target.

Field Validation

Save time and maintain clean data with warning and error modes. Incorrect entries can trigger a change in cell background color and an explanation pop-up.

Export, copy & paste from an excel file

Easily export data to spreadsheets and intuitively copy and paste data into forms.

Upload documents

Upload and open files directly from a form in a Qlik Sense application. Files are stored on your server but remain accessible from the application, eliminating RDP security risks.

Hide/show fields

Display or hide specific fields conditionally or with a custom button

Freeze columns

Freeze the first columns to enhance navigation in extensive editable forms.

Qlik Sense Mobile app friendly

Data entry is optimized for both computers and mobile devices, with multiple design options for easy application use on small screens.

Keyboard navigation, tooltips and placeholders

Navigate through Inphinity Forms elements using keyboard shortcuts (tab, enter, arrows, delete). Define tooltips and placeholders.

Data Actions


Save entered or modified cells. New data appears in forms instantly, without reloading the Qlik application.


If enabled, all modified values are regularly saved.


Save and reload the Qlik application to update objects with entered or modified data


Reset all changes to the last saved values. To reset a single cell, use the context menu (right-click).

Batch update

Update multiple rows with one click in the Forms General editable table.

Single record view

Pop-up with a focused view on a row in the Forms General editable table.

Commenting actions

Beyond multiple formatting options like bold, italic, lists, and links, capture current selections, add tags, mention users, and attach Qlik snapshots or other files.

Custom buttons (actions)

Define custom buttons in form headers or rows to provide additional information, redirect to different sheets or Qlik applications, open URLs, and more.


Active Users

Get real-time information on all active users working with the same data, including a visual indicator and a full list of usernames.

Rows Locking

When a row is edited, it locks for other users until changes are saved or cleared, with information on the editing user available.


When a row is updated by another user, it automatically refreshes for all viewers without the need to reload the application or refresh the browser tab.

Team live chat

Real-time chat with indicator showing when someone else is composing a message.


Progress tracking

Track your planning tasks progress.

Version management

Use predefined versions or create your own to simulate scenarios and find the best plan.

Top-down distributions

Define your own top-down distribution methods and rules.

Bottom-up aggregations

Define and apply custom bottom-up aggregation methods.

Planning workflows

Define workflows, parameters, and calculation methods while ensuring the highest security standards.

Automated hierarchies (pivot table)

The editable pivot table automatically generates row-level and column-level hierarchies based on the dimensions used.

Pre-built calculation methods

Select from pre-built top-down and bottom-up calculation methods developed from numerous real-life planning projects.



Create and define Inphinity Forms like any other Qlik object. Customize parameters via the properties panel, using your knowledge with expressions, set analyses, or Qlik variables.

User level

Choose the level of parameters you want to view in the properties panel not to be overwhelmed when creating a simple editable object.

Theming & Customization

Properties panel options

Numerous Qlik-native design options are accessible in the properties panel.

Built-in themes

Toggle between standard and modern UI themes using a switch in the properties panel.

Qlik themes

To further customize styling, apply Qlik custom themes, incorporating various forms-related parameters and custom CSS rules.

Refresh & Reload

Instant refresh (without reload)

Saved manual inputs are immediately accessible to other users in the the form without the need for a reload.

All reload types supported

When a reload is required, all Qlik reload types are available, including current app, trigger task, schedule task, and run Qlik Application Automation. Partial reload is also supported.

SSE functions

Adjust Qlik objects through manual inputs and refresh them without reloading by utilizing Qlik Analytic Connection. A set of Forms Server Side extension functions is available. Script SSE functions can be used to prepopulate data in the forms.

QAA connectors

6 Inphinity Qlik Application Automation connectors are accessible in Qlik Cloud, facilitating seamless integration of user data entry into automated processes.


Action Triggers

Combine 40 different action types into sequences to enhance process management and provide additional context. Actions can be triggered by custom buttons in the toolbar, row-level buttons, data loading, data saving, and more.

Navigation & selections

All Qlik-native actions such as apply/clear selections, apply bookmark, redirect to the sheet, open URL and many more are available.


Custom buttons or other actionable elements can utilize all Qlik reload types (current app, trigger task, schedule task, and run Qlik Application Automation).


Inform users, ask a question, or open an interactive Qlik master visualization in the pop-up. Extensions, including Inphinity Forms, can also be opened.


Manage forms with actions like clear, save, recalculate, add row, and more from the form interface. Prepopulate editable fields using the set cell value action.


Highly technical actions are also available: attach a file, set variable value, REST call, apply patches to Qlik objects, execute another sequence, and more.


Forms Specific

Develop your own editable front-end object and connect it to a secure Inphinity backend using predefined Inphinity components.


API v2 is available with a well-documented description of all endpoints.


Qlik Cloud

Enjoy the flexibility of SaaS while we handle data storage administration. Alternatively, store your users’ manual inputs in cloud databases like Snowflake.

Qlik Sense on-prem

Maintain full control: use Inphinity Forms offline and support multi-node installations.

Hybrid SaaS setup

Qlik Cloud applications use Inphinity Forms to store data on your server, ideal for use cases involving sensitive data.

Data Storages


Dynamic structure stored in Qlik’s native compressed format.

XML Files

Dynamic structure used for ad-hoc use-cases and the development phase.


MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Snowflake, and others supporting JDBC driver.


The Forms extension can call external HTTP(S) REST APIs to load and save form data.

New storages

Continuous addition of new sources is based on customer needs.

Installation & Configuration

Qlik Cloud

Install and upgrade Inphinity Forms using a fully automated next-style wizard. Manage write-backs from a Qlik application or the Inphinity Portal.

Qlik Sense on-prem

A next-style wizard guides you through the installation and upgrade process. Manage Inphinity, including data storage and user access rights, through a Qlik application.

Hybrid setup

After the installation workshop, Inphinity Forms is ready for use. Administration is managed through the Qlik on-prem application, and upgrades are handled via a next-style installer.

Security & Governance

Security as a priority

The secure backend meets top security and performance standards for saving data to your chosen storage, with a full changelog and all log files available. Automated multi-node installation enhances security in complex Qlik environments.

Respecting Qlik security

Users can only perform actions they are authorized for in your Qlik environment. Qlik section access also limits data visibility in forms.

Qlik-native authentication

All Qlik-native authentication types are supported (AD, local users, SAML, OIDC).


QVD and XML files automatically generate the full changelog. For databases, user information and modification dates are provided. Setting up the generation of a full historical data table in the database is required.

Regional Cloud Servers

Users’ data entry can be stored on Inphinity servers in your region.

User Access Management

Grant access to all data or manage read/write permissions at the group or user level, utilizing Qlik custom properties or an access table.

QVD Encryption

Ensure maximum security by encrypting sensitive data in the QVD files.


Millions of data

Tested and functional with millions of rows of data in user forms.

High Performance Data Storages

Connectable to high-performance Qlik-native QVD format and databases like Snowflake.

Concurrent users

Developed for use by hundreds of concurrent users, with locking of currently edited rows to facilitate easy collaboration.

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