First ever SaaS data analytic online store is now fully available

First ever SaaS data analytic online store is now fully available, the first-ever online store with data analytic applications, is now fully available. Anyone can subscribe and use data analytic solutions from for their own special business purposes within minutes. The platform is open for third party data analytics apps – if you have your own solution, join the Inphinity now. Its purpose is also to connect developers with users. If you are a developer, it will help you enter new markets and discover new revenue streams.

Inphinity App Store: Data analytics use case for everything is an independent analytic app store with a global reach for any industry or function open to organizations of all sizes. It works much like other online application platforms, just think about Google Play, Apple App Store or the like. Moreover, it is also an operational platform where you can actually run the apps you subscribe to.

It is based on monthly subscription.  Each app on store is available for a 30-day free trial during which you can enjoy full functionality.

From zero to hero in minutes

As soon as you find the suitable app and choose the right connector, you can subscribe and start using it – all within minutes. Then, you just need to upload your data and you are all set. It is really that easy. If you find it difficult to upload your data, we are here to help you.

Thanks to attractive pricing and no initial costs (such as IT infrastructure, hardware, app development, licenses etc.), apps are set to deliver quick results at almost no cost, without large-scale projects and excessive investments. When it comes to security, we guarantee first-class secure environment with no compromises. Learn more about security here:!/security-guarantee

Monetize your apps

Do you have your own data analytic apps and would like to share it with the rest of the world? Are you looking for ways to enter new markets? With, it is easier than you think. It is not only a platform where you can buy the apps, but it is also a place where you can sell your own data analytics solutions via the Inphinity partner network.

Sign a partner contract and supply an app – that’s it. It really costs nothing (not considering your development expenses). The partnership then is based on a fair revenue sharing model. If your app meets all the requirements, we will be happy to put it on platform. Start making money today! It is that simple.

If you have apps you would like to share or would like to find new markets or new revenue streams, become Inphinity partner and change the world of data analytics with us. More information at!/partners

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