Focused flow

Focused flow

Data, insights, actions…  sometimes what you need is trustworthy data, a good BI tool, and time for exploration to find the insights and take actions. On the other hand, when the task is repetitive or you open a new app, you just need to go through the set of visualizations, make selections, and take actions. And make sure that you didn’t forget anything!

A new more efficient way of working in your Qlik applications, I call it focused flow. Focused flow makes your journey very straightforward… without compromising the power of the Qlik associative data model 🤩.

Qlik analytical sheet vs. focused flow

See the focused flow in action:

The application is available at Inphinity Universe so you can try it on your own.


No “overwhelming effect”

Focus on one object at a time

Predefined flow

No need to think where to click first

No chance to miss a step

For example to change the currency 😋

Clear actionability

The flow can end with the actionable part

Nothing is overlooked

If any step is skipped, it is on purpose only

10 examples

Examples are available at Inphinity Universe. You can explore those applications there and/or download templates to use them in your own Qlik environment.


Don’t get me wrong. This approach shouldn’t replace the analytical sheets we use in Qlik. I never want to lose them for analyzing our business results or looking for a way to optimize the processes.

However, when expanding Qlik to cover even more use cases and bringing many more new users to Qlik, this approach makes it simple, it is easy to understand, saves time and mental energy, minimizes errors, and brings all users confidence.


Use the focused flow to show the most important information only. Then, let users make the decision whether they have time to deep dive into analytical sheets.


When you click on the visualizations on your Qlik sheet always in the same order… why not make it a standard? You won’t need to explain the logic to the new colleague 😉.


New BI tool, new processes, new responsibilities… these can be very stressful. Bring confidence to users step by step. Let’s start with the focused flow. On the first visualization you see this and this, click on the Next button now. Yes, great. In thisstep, as you can see, select the currency…


It’s known, I’m a big fan of Intro sheets in Qlik apps. Containing the main information about the app, what and why is there. The focused flow multiplies its added value by showing the most important parts of the app right there. Tip: You can record a gif showing the app usage and put it in the pop-up, too. 😉


Having tens of visualizations on the sheet might be overwhelming. Tip: Use the focused flow to “hide” the least important things behind the flow button on the screen. Still there when needed.

So, what do you think? 😉

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