Inphinity Flow 2.3: Intuitive actionability

Inphinity Flow 2.3: Intuitive actionability

Developing Qlik native products for all – end-users, administrators, and developers, is our core mision at Inphinity. Inphinity Flow is data source independent, it’s based on the data model, and customization is completed in the properties panel.

When we released Inphinity Forms 9.0 supporting Qlik custom themes, I truly disliked how Inphinity Flow (resistant to the custom theme) looked on the sheets – as an add-on that doesn’t truly belong there. We had to change it quickly! Together with some other enhancements, based on our partners’ and customers’ feedback, we’re now bringing to you an even more Qlik-native and intuitive Inphinity Flow – version 2.3.

Qlik custom themes supported

We love and admire creativity! There are different ways to be creative, including design. In Qlik, you manage the design of the whole app and all of its parts using Qlik custom themes. From now on, Inphinity Flow not only supports Qlik custom themes it also has many more parameters so you can design its specifics, too.

Intuitive actionability

A HUGE step forward towards actionability in your Qlik applications was bringing actions to all parts of Inphinity Flow. Every single step of the process or node of the hierarchy can trigger a related sequence of actions. One of the many actions available is to provide users with the ability to focus on one particular visualization at a time, enabling complete focus.

One small but important enhancement is the option to skip the rest of the visualizations by clicking on the close button. It’s so intuitive that it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t there, right? 😄

And when data is read, information understood, it’s the right time to act – by using another focused object, a write-back extension. To provide a truly intuitive experience, we have allowed extensions to link their actions with the original OK button. See the comparison below. Of course I used it for Inphinity Forms, but it’s ready to be used with other extensions, too 😉.

How to start using Inphinity Flow?

Since I’m thinking about Inphinity Flow on a daily basis, it’s quite clear to me how it works. However, I can imagine it’s not the case for you. Therefore, I decided to record a mini series of TechTuesday videos focused on how to start using Inphinity Flow.

  • Part 1 (14min): The main logic behind Inphinity Flow
  • Part 2 (10min): Explore design options of Inphinity Flow
  • A few other parts are coming – follow us on YT (TechTuesday videos) to stay updated
  • If you have any topics you’d like me to explain in the upcoming videos, please let me know

Free demo apps

If you prefer to explore our Qlik apps by yourself, check out Inphinity Universe – our online demo portal containing about 30 different Qlik applications, showcasing how Inphinity products can be used for different use cases, areas, industries. Many of those apps are downloadable for FREE. Don’t hesitate to do so.

One particular app I highly recommend to you is Superpowers of Inphinity Flow. You can explore how to use Inphinity Flow to:

  • visualize processes
  • hierarchies
  • data lineage and calculations
  • calendars
  • use as interactive navigation for the Qlik users

So many options! It’s available for download & ready to be used on Qlik SaaS, too. 😉

I hope that you find the new release of Inphinity Flow beneficial to your business and that you have been inspired to think of new use cases within your own Qlik apps 😉.

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Enjoy Inphinity Flow!

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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