Inphinity Forms 10.0 for robust implementations

Inphinity Forms 10.0 for robust implementations

The last release of the year is here, and it truly is an early Christmas present considering what it contains 😉. Read more or watch the video to unveil the bright future of collaboration that is here! As always, Qlik-native (incl. Qlik SaaS), fully secure and enterprise-ready.

Inphinity’s customer centric approach has helped us maximize the value of our investment in Qlik with their Inphinity Forms write-back and solve key business processes.

Shamanth Muppidi
Waterfall Asset Managemnt, NYC, US

Real-time collaboration (4 in 1)

This release technically consists of 4 important features that are now available!

List of all active users is truly revolutionary for Qlik-native extensions. Knowing who else is working with the same data as you are (especially when more of you can edit it) brings transparency, and entices users to use built-in collaboration. This feature, many of you know from online tools and it is now available in Qlik SaaS and Qlik on-prem environments.

Autorefresh of the object whenever any change is saved. Yes, it’s refreshed for all users! Because of this you can guarantee that you’re working with the most actual data every second. No refresh button is needed.

Locking row when editing. Whenever you start editing a row, it is locked for you. Because of the previous features, everyone else sees it immediately – the row is locked as well and by whom. And since Inphinity Forms stores data on a row level, you can be sure there won’t be any unexpected situations even when hundreds of people are updating data in the very same form.

Real-time information about another user typing a message in the Forms Commenting speeds up collaboration! Knowing when someone else is typing, you can wait and react straight away.

Big data in Inphinity Forms

Oh yes, we could discuss for hours about what big data is. 😊 For the sake of time, let’s compare it to the most commonly used spreadsheet. “Excel’s maximum row limit is 1,048,576. This applies to Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, and Excel 2007.”- Microsoft Support. We’ve tested Inphinity Forms with more than 5 million rows and still haven’t found the limit! 😎

During the tests, we’ve identified some bottlenecks – and of course have solved them already. Therefore, the following updates are waiting for you in the release:

  • Non-interactive batch update mode for >100k rows saves time in comparison with the standard batch update approach
  • Progress information whenever data is saved so you can assume when it’s finished
  • Enhanced scrolling in millions of rows – it was working before but now it’s nicer and faster

If you’re interested in exploring it by yourself and/or knowing more about large data sets in Inphinity Forms, you can check the Inphinity Advent Calendar  😉

Totals for non-numeric fields

We strongly believe that visual elements in analytics help users process information faster, recognize unexpected/extreme value and draw attention to important data. Because of that, when we introduced autocalculated fields in June 2020 (Inphinity Forms 7.1), we did it for all types of fields. You can have all kinds of information derived from manual inputs and other data – visualized by stars, range, traffic lights…

Now, we’ve extended it to support totals for non-numeric fields, too! When is it useful?

  • Seeing the red circle when at least one of the approvers declined the proposal
  • Seeing the orange circle when at least one step of the accounting closure was marked as “to be checked”
  • Average feedback or rating visualized by stars is very intuitive to process

You can use all types of emojis to express the aggregated information and since the total function can be defined by an expression, the logic is up to you.

Multilanguage support

Most of our users prefer to use English when developing solutions with our products, including Inphinity Forms. However, it’s not all of them. Therefore, we’ve prepared Inphinity Forms technically to support other languages in the properties panel, tooltips, etc. The libraries for particular languages need to be defined – so if you’re interested, let us know 😉.

Other technical enhancements

As always, that’s not all! In this release, small but important enhancements are focused on administrators mostly:

✔ XML writing performance

✔ Port override configuration option

✔ JSON format support for Forms General API

✔ Advanced configuration options moved to separate config file

✔ Other small but important improvements can be found in the changelog

I hope you find the new release of Inphinity Forms innovative and above all, useful 😉.

If you want to get technically inspired watch the TechTuesday video series.

If there is anything you’d like to discuss with me, reach out to me, on one day a month I’m available on-demand 😉.

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Enjoy Inphinity Forms 😉!

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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