Inphinity Forms 8.2 is here!

Inphinity Forms 8.2 is here!

The release that helps you to have more time to enjoy the summer and chill ✌🌞

Working outside is a great way to make the most of the summer, especially when the weather is good. Imagine being able to close your laptop sooner and truly make the most of the summer…. Inphinity Forms 8.2 enables you to work faster, smarter and more efficiently, giving users more time.

Inphinity Forms enables us to remove Excel spreadsheets in our business modelling in Qlik and bring information faster to the people who need it in the field.

Pavel Jinoch
Alliance Healthcare

Saving data into QVD without reloading the app

Yes, it’s correct. From now on, you can use QVDs as a data storage for user inputs – without reloading the app! QVD as a data storage has been requested by both customers and partners – and we are really pleased to be bringing this functionality to Qlik users in this release.

Even more admin-friendly forms admin app

Using the the new Forms Admin app administrators can more efficiently manage all the data storages. The list of them is now sortable, searchable and checks your newly added instances. Examples of Inphinity Forms types are now Inphinity Forms extensions on a sheet, so even right after the installation, you can see how it works, explore the properties panel and also, copy & paste them into other applications within the same environment!

Prevent users from saving invalid data

One of the most frequent end user requirements has been the ability to prevent users from saving invalid data. There was a workaround that we recommended – define the condition within the DB table. From now on, you can define on a field level, whether the validation condition should be used as a warning (information, can be saved) or error (the data can’t be saved if there are any invalid values). Of course you can combine them within the same Inphinity Forms object – you can have fields you have to enter the correct value into it to save the data, those where you’ll be informed about missing or incorrect values and the rest is by default fully optional. One switch instead of a configuration within the DB saves users time.

Free templates

OK, this isn’t new… However, it can be very helpful so let me remind you that on Inphinity Universe, our online demo portal, you can find about 30 Qlik applications showcasing Inphinity Suite for many different use cases (HR planning, document approvals, surveys…) and industries (healthcare, manufacturing, retail…). Most of them are available for download, so you can get them up and running in your own environment and see how it works behind the scenes. Get inspired this summer on our Inphinity Universe.

Continuous enhancements

In the meantime, there were technical enhancements and bug fixes so it’s even more intuitive to use Inphinity Forms (details are in the changelog).

If you want to get technically inspired watch the TechTuesday video series.

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Enjoy Inphinity Forms & Summer 😉!

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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