Inphinity Forms v7.2 = Even stronger security and faster implementation in large environments!

Inphinity Forms v7.2 = Even stronger security and faster implementation in large environments!

When developing our products, we’re in touch with our partners and customers. And naturally, they’re not only end-users. We know we are developing products for developers, architects, and administrators, too. I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate this release of the natively integrated Qlik write-back extension, Inphinity Forms! So, we hope you’ll like it, too 😉. What’s new in Inphinity Bundle?

Yes, your favorite actionable extensions are finally in their own section. It’s so easy to find them and improve your apps! 🤩

Improvements for technical guys

Based on our enterprise customers’ demand we have added some new possibilities very important for (not only) large environments:


Encrypting credentials for DB users in settings


Possibility to load SSL certificate from Windows store


Automatic update of configuration for all multi-node clusters where Inphinity Forms is used

If you’re not sure what all these words mean, don’t worry and scroll down 😉.

If you don’t know, search the documentation

Many of developers using Inphinity Forms like the comprehensive documentation containing all relevant information. However, as we are improving the product, adding new features and functions, the documentation becomes more and more complex. Therefore, it’s the right time to help you not only navigate but also search there.

Improved commenting

One of the three extensions within Inphinity Forms bundle enables users to share their insights and questions with their teams on the object level. Right where the data is – in the Qlik Sense app. From this version, you can now define your own order of items in the object as well as titles and colors. Let’s highlight the most important commented object and move it to the 1st position!

Don’t have a mouse? No problem!

Sometimes the mouse is “not found”… No problem, you can navigate through all fields by using your keyboard and entering your data! Use tab and shitf+tab for navigation and enter for selection.

Do you want to “taste” Inphinity Forms? Try Inphinity Universe

If you want to explore why we call Inphinity Forms a swiss knife for your Qlik, visit the Inphinity Universe. It’s a demo portal containing different demo applications developed by our team (apps from partners are coming). Some of them can be downloaded by registered users so you can implement it in your Qlik Sense environment for free. You’ll find there also some solutions you can try for free and are ready to be bought if you like them 😎.

…and that’s not all … try Inphinity Forms 7.2 now to explore its new functions & features or ask your partner or contact us. We will be happy to showcase you the write-back that suits your Qlik and helps your users take action where the data is!

If you want to get technically inspired watch Inphinity Forms TechTuesday video series.

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Enjoy Forms 😉!

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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