Inphinity & QAA in Action with Dalton Ruer

Inphinity & QAA in Action with Dalton Ruer

Inphinity in partnership with Qlik are excited to bring to you this video that focuses on the combination of Qlik SaaS and Inphinity SaaS. Inphinity is driven by the concept of pushing the boundaries of innovation and we believe that Inphinity and Qlik in the cloud truly embody the notion of next generation of analytics and active intelligence.

Inphinity has a true SaaS setup with the Inphinity-managed backend. No need to deploy your own server. If it’s required, even a hybrid setup is supported.

Real-time collaboration for hundreds of concurrent users. You always see who else is working with the same data. Edited rows are locked for others to prevent clashes when saving data. After the data is saved it is available to others right away (no reload or manual refresh needed).

Native integration with Qlik. Install and upgrade Inphinity Forms using a fully automated next-style wizard. Use 6 Inphinity Qlik Application Automation connectors for seamless integration of user data entry into automated processes.

Let our experts take you on an inspiring journey about the value of these products 🤩.

See Inphinity in Action:

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