Inphinity Suite May 2022: Active intelligence at the push of a button

Inphinity Suite May 2022: Active intelligence at the push of a button

Buttons are everywhere – simple, intuitive, and powerful. One touch of a button turns on the TV, makes you a coffee, or triggers a whole process. Let me proudly introduce to you to the new era of Active Intelligence – full of actionable buttons turning Qlik into an action center! (note: center of actions/control panel – you know, the place where you go to do something…). It’s a new world of analytics where you no longer need to switch between different systems.

Your Forms integration with Qlik Application Automation is lights out. You’ve not only embraced Qlik SaaS, you’ve extended it. When we talk about an Active Intelligence Platform it’s about providing customers an intelligent information fabric from which to collaborate, make decisions, take actions to drive results and then see the results.

Dalton Ruer
Data Cathedral Architect, Analytics Evangelist & RPA Enthusiast, Qlik

To explore the new Active Intelligence with Inphinity Suite, watch the video and/or read the post.

Inphinity Forms

The write-back solution, Inphinity Forms, has evolved through the years and currently is far more than an editable table. On top of the manual inputs, in this release, ACTIONABILITY is in the spotlight 😉.

Buttons bring actionability

Define your own custom buttons! From now on you can literally define what happens when users click on the button. Multiple actions can be triggered from the custom toolbar and/or row-level buttons. With one click, a user can save the data, trigger the reload, create a new order in the CRM system, and be informed about its number or be redirected directly there.

✔ Toolbar buttons to trigger generic actions (make selections, open pop-up, reload…)

✔ Row-level buttons covering all actions linked to a particular row/dimension (customer, product, country…)

✔ Automated actions linked to data save, data load, or row added

Ready, steady, action!

All available actions are divided into the following categories:

✔ Pop-ups provide more information/actions than on the sheet (master visualization, alert, question)

✔ Selections category contains all the Qlik-native actions to manage selections (select, clear, lock,…)

✔ Navigation actions redirect users outside of the sheet – to another sheet, to a story, or outside the Qlik application

✔ Reload category allows users to update data and the status of the last reload task

✔ Forms – actions managing the content of editable fields (prefill cell, save, export,…)

✔ Developer actions provide highly technical actions for all advanced developers (attach a file, REST integrations,…)

All those actions can be combined in the sequence of actions – triggered at one click only!

For developers

And on top of that, driven mostly by developers, the following functions have been added:

✔ Next and previous buttons in the Forms Single Record

✔ Non-key dimension support

✔ Autocalculate formulas can refer to other autocalculated fields

✔ Forms Specific: Dimension notes linked to general instance ID (DB as a data storage, real-time collaborations are supported)

✔ Object Commenting allowed for master visualizations (e.g. when in the container object)

✔ Qlik Application Automation integration for Inphinity Forms Full SaaS

Inphinity Flow

Inphinity Flow is a one-of-a-kind Qlik-native extension – a process and hierarchy visualization tool that works directly with the Qlik associative data model. Bringing unparelled added value by showing the context of a process, network, hierarchy whilst also providing actionability.

Buttons, buttons, buttons

Yes, Inphinity Flow can visualize processes and hierarchies. Adding actionability to their steps/parts, you turn a visualization into a network of buttons!

Many actions were already available in Inphinity Flow. In this release, we have added:

✔ New actions providing developers more options (such as attach a file or reload task status)

✔ Image-only button with no label saves space

✔ Tailor-made script for your app in the documentation – enter your table/field names and the audit log script is generated for you – ready to be copied & pasted

Understanding brings confidence. If you’re interested in how to make the application understandable for end-users, read my recent blog post on DataOnTheRocks.

Inphinity Mole

Let’s release the potential of your unstructured data in 2022! 😉 For many people, unstructured data analytics is about face recognition, sentiment analysis of customers and followers, or something else that sounds too far away from their daily schedule that they don’t even believe it can be a reality.  What is often not realized is that every single e-mail they send to their colleagues or any note in the notepad is unstructured data.

Pattern recognition (Personal data identification)

A significant enhancement from the previous release was built-in pattern recognition! Inphinity Mole can be used to identify e-mails, names, IBANs, and other personal information for you.

In the current version, global attributes (like dates and e-mails) are supported alongside attributes for the country packages of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovak Republic.

Pattern recognition is showcased in the application Inphinity Mole – Get Started available for download.

I hope that you find this Inphinity Suite release a great step forward towards actionable analytics on all fronts 😉.

If you want to get technically inspired watch the TechTuesday video series.

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Enjoy Inphinity Suite 😉!

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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