Inphinity Suite October 2023: The power of human intelligence

Inphinity Suite October 2023: The power of human intelligence

Hi all Qlikkies & Inphinities and welcome to the October 23 release of Inphinity Suite.

There has been a lot of hype about AI in the last few months, many companies started to consider AI as a valid option and were trying to figure out its place in their strategies. Now, the discussion has changed – from whether to use it or or not, to how. We are not yet at a stage where companies can let AI make decisions. (I’m a big fan but I still don’t want an algorithm to diagnose me as a patient without my doctor’s check.) So, what now? The reasonable strategy is to use AI to generate suggestions, inputs for decisions, and drivers for human critical thinking. The combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence is the way.

Qlik introduced STAIGE recently, focusing on the first part. We at Inphinity complement it by bringing you innovation on the second part. Let’s have a look at what the new release of Inphinity brings to your Qlik.

Inphinity Flow

Inphinity Flow Wizard

Combine your knowledge of the process with the data you already have in your Qlik environment. Design the pixel-perfect process using Inphinity Flow Wizard – the only one of its kind in the Qlik ecosystem. Draw the nodes and lines, and define measures from the Qlik data model – directly in your Qlik application. Get the most out of your process knowledge and data you have – enjoy the power of the Qlik associative data model throughout each step of the process.

Inphinity Flow Enhacements

As well as the magical Inphinity Flow Wizard, this release brings new design options to Inphinity Flow as well. You can look forward to:

  • Node position by expression (x,y coordinates) to force different position of a particular node
  • Node width and height by expression
  • Icon color by expression

Inphinity Forms

Update Calculated Data

See the automatically calculated data, consider it, and update it, if your knowledge, experience, or expectation says so.  As the base, you can use predicted values, simply last year’s data, or anything in between. Planned numbers and suggested actions are great examples of AI complemented by the human intelligence. Note, that you can always come back to the calculated logic if needed.

Commenting With Context

Issue? Opportunity? You should probably discuss it with your colleagues. Stay in the Qlik Sense application, where the data is, and collaborate with your colleagues using all the built-in features you might need:

  • Avatars
  • Tags, mentions, pinned comments
  • In-app notifications, highlighting new comments & mentions, sharing via e-mail
  • Snapshots and attachments

Whatever You Need

As always, this release is again packed with the functions and features requested by our customers and partners. Therefore, you can autosave the data and extend your Forms by new field types – to meet all the requirements of your end users. Time and radio buttons are available from now on.

Work smarter and faster by easily finding what you need. Sort your editable table by input fields or metadata. When using long forms, use sections to create a collapsible overview. It helps you manage the focus of the end users. And in the end, they are always one click away from the details. 😉

Inphinity Forms as you know it, is designed as a Qlik-native extension.  But what if you want to modernise it? No problem, it takes you 4 clicks! And the best thing is that you can always adjust the modern style by using Qlik themes!

Inphinity Mole

Pattern Recognition For Any Data In The Qlik Data Model

Identify sensitive information throughout your data. Pattern recognition module is now available as Qlik SSE functions. Combine it with Inphinity Forms to act right when the risk arises. 🔥

Search In Long Texts

Never ever get lost in long notes or descriptions! By using Inphinity Mole, you can search for sensitive information in all the fields in your Qlik data model. It doesn’t matter how long they are.

It doesn’t stop there, with more than 50 updates and fixes introduced in this release, we have been busy ensuring that Forms, Flow and Mole provide you with all the capabilities and performance you’ve come to expect from Inphinity.

If you want to get technically inspired watch the TechTuesday video series.

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Enjoy Inphinity Suite 😉!

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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