The new version of your favourite writeback extension is here – Inphinity Forms 8.0!

The new version of your favourite writeback extension is here – Inphinity Forms 8.0!

This is the last major release of the Qlik native writeback (data input) extension, Inphinity Forms, in 2020. Available now to save you time….  How? 😉

Single form as a new object

One of the most frequent feature requests from our customers in the last few months was having the Single Record View as a standalone extension. Here it is! Single Form can be right there on the sheet when the user opens a Qlik app. Updating data about a specific employee, order, customer, product, campaign, or filling your own questionnaire in Qlik has never been more intuitive.

Have you already defined the structure of Forms General and you don’t want to recreate it in the new object? You don’t need to! Just convert the object to a Single Form, as you do with all Qlik native visualisations 😉.

SSE – Updating visualisations on the fly

If you aren’t a fan of reloading applications in Qlik because it takes too long on hundreds of million rows in your production, you will love this set of features! Qlik already supports on-the-fly updating of visualisations with Server Side Extension capabilities. In this release, we’ve decided to utilise them within our writeback extension, too.

On the front-end, you can now see the changes saved via Inphinity Forms on the bar chart, within the table, or any other Qlik visualisation in a few seconds without even reloading the app!

In the script, SSE functions open up a whole new universe of possibilities! You can read data from all data storages supported by Inphinity Forms by using one function. Are you switching from the XML file to a DB table for storing the data? No changes need to be done in the script!

Use the new forms.write function to update the data in any data storage directly from the script. Yes. That means you can prefill the data in a DB or XML file during the reload of the app!

REST integration

From now on the REST integration is a part of Inphinity Forms, becuase of this you’ll be able to connect the writeback table to cloud services like JIRA, ZOHO, ServiceNow… Or go even further and get inspired by our mastermind, Tomas Janco. The future is here…

Multiselection option has been added

Sometimes the one option is simply not enough…

Small but important enhancements

As in all our releases and products, the user, developer, and admin experience is very important to us.  This is why we enhance it step by step with each release. In this release you’ll find:

– Form instance id uniqueness check in Forms Admin app 😉
– FAQ documentation section
– Qlik SaaS authentication support
– Field validation for auto-calculated fields
– Form column name uniqueness check in the properties panel
– and some other minor yet helpful enhancements

…and that’s not all … try Inphinity Forms 8.0 now to explore its new functions & features or ask your partner or contact us. We will be happy to showcase to you the premium writeback (data input) extension that seamlessly integrates with your Qlik environment and helps users to take action where the data is!

If you want to get technically inspired watch Inphinity Forms TechTuesday video series.

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Enjoy Forms 😉!

We can’t wait to show you how to supercharge your Qlik capabilities!

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