Transforming audit and inspection workflows

Transforming audit and inspection workflows

The Audit Genie transforms auditing with real time issue identification, reporting, and action. By removing traditional spreadsheets and time-consuming processes, your audit workflow is securely integrated within your Qlik environment. Communication and collaboration across the audit life cycle, from planning, auditing, and issue rectification to final report, is made FAST and SIMPLE. Greater assurance and improved organizational outcomes will be delivered.

All the key audit controls can be combined to support seamless governance and user experience. Collaborating across controls and people has never been easier.


Create audits, submit for approval, and attach key supporting documents such as scoping documents, final reports, and budgets


Manage budgets and resources across your audit plan and track progress


Create and collate all data and documents to audit, carry out audits and add compliance evidence, alert and automatically workflow issues to managers for rectification


Remove spreadsheets, create simple administrational processes and approvals, and monitor SLAs throughout the lifecycle of audit or inspection


Enter updates and complete actions in real-time, across mobile and desktop environments


Get a helicopter view of progress against your audit plan, action updates, risk and budget

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Traditional audit and inspection processes are often spreadsheet driven, confrontational, slow to deliver and rectify issues, and not action-driven in the workflow of the operations. The Audit Genie provides a new and transformational way to manage your audits to drive improved assurance and better outcomes.

Sean Price
VP Industry Solutions at Inphinity

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Audit planning

It all starts with planning your audits. Linking to your critical business risks, your audit areas can be entered, along with key resources and costs. Next, you can enter your scoping report and automate the workflow to a manager for approval. Once the audit has been completed, you can attach the final report along with tracking actions and budgets. All of this removes the need for spreadsheets, document stores, and time-consuming emails.


Each audit needs to start with a collection of the data and documents for review. These can be uploaded with a simple click and stored for review during the audit. All the critical governance information can be entered such as the auditor and responsible manager.

Records and policies can be audited in real-time, where the context of the audit can be added, along with a compliance rating. These can be designed in harmony with your existing audit reporting.

Audit issues can be automatically work flowed to the responsible manager for moderation and rectification. The agile audit reporting approach is more transparent, provides a faster resolution of issues, and builds confidence in the organisation’s overall assurance.

Collaboration is made easy through the ability to create notes and share these across the audit team. You can also set alerts to highlight key deadlines, updates, and anomalies.

Overall audit assurance

Keeping a track of your audit plan, action progress, and completion is greatly enhanced with aggregated results, compliance highlights, alerting, and actionable insight that is provided to all levels of the organization. Traditional audit and inspection processes are often spreadsheet driven, confrontational, slow to deliver and rectify issues, and not action-driven in the workflow of the operations. The Audit Genie provides a new and modern way of transforming traditional practices and transforming organizational progress and outcomes.

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