Write-back: The superpower your Qlik needs in 2020

Write-back: The superpower your Qlik needs in 2020

We like to push the boundaries of what BI traditionally means in order to increase both the effectiveness of Qlik implementations and the ROI. This is why we just had to create the write-back extension Inphinity Forms a couple of years ago.

Write-back improves your Qlik implementation in all its critical roles. It’s also a game-changer because it expands the roles BI takes part in. Fully utilized, write-back with Inphinity Forms leads to a significant increase in overall BI effectiveness.


According to a study by 360suite improving the efficiency of existing BI solutions is the top priority for organizations in 2020. Let’s look at the major roles BI usually plays in a company and how Inphinity Forms improves efficiency in all of them.

Data Collection, i.e. getting together data from multiple sources. These often include manually generated data, e.g. budget projections. One of the biggest challenges in Data Collection is data accuracy and reliability. Inphinity Forms improves both. 

When an analyst recognizes an anomaly in the data, she simply adds a comment asking for a double-check or correction. She does that in the Qlik UI directly in the report where the anomaly is and assigns the task to a person that verifies the data. She can also set up an alert that triggers automatically when criteria for anomalies are met.

The person who verifies the data can then mend the anomaly from within the Qlik UI with Inphinity Forms. And the change will be applied in the analysis without spending hours modifying the inputs in the source systems and postponing the analysis. 

Or, the changes can even propagate right back into the source data in a secure and curated way. This means the data will be forever correct for all future analyses. No need for labor-intensive manual exports, changes, and imports.

Inphinity Forms also improves your Data Analytics, by allowing you to enrich your data. Have you ever seen a product performance chart and wanted to see it by category only to realize that category wasn’t part of the data set? With Forms, you can add your own category to data and use it in seconds. No more need for exports, excel sheets, and imports. 

Combining accurate and reliable data with the ability to quickly enrich it leads to faster  Insight Generation. This is where the role of Qlik normally ends. You export the report, take screenshots, and prepare a presentation with insights and action items. With Inphinity Forms, that no longer needs to be the case.


Write-back with Forms drives efficiency through collaboration. With native support for comments, tasks, assigning responsibilities, budgets, and deadlines, you can turn Qlik into a powerful collaborative tool and take action where the data is. For specific use-cases see below, or watch a video.

Inphinity Forms can shift your Qlik from analytics to action. We believe that “collaborating where the data is” can lead to a transformation of the role BI plays within your company. With more users having access to the data and being able to take actions based on insights. 

For your Qlik solution, this means time and cost savings, minimizing errors, better performance, and increased ROI. For your company, this means the next step towards becoming truly data-driven.

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