Hi all Qlikkies & Inphinities and welcome to the May 24 release of Inphinity Suite.

Witnessing how our customers utilize the Inphinity Suite, it’s as though we are alongside them through every moment. In both triumphs and challenges, they share their victories in the integrated team chat and quickly address issues before they escalate. Managers define actions, assign responsibilities, and everyone collaborates to track and monitor progress.

Another perspective on being “with them at all times” encompasses the past, present, and future. Users comment on historical data to provide context, update current data as situations evolve, and plan for the future.

Our newly added features further enhance your Qlik experience, seamlessly integrating into every aspect of your work. Let’s explore these enhancements together.

Inphinity Forms

Premium Planning Capabilities

As we approach the second half of the year, planning becomes a frequent topic of discussion. While the current set of forms can cover complex planning use cases (as demonstrated in the Dawn Meats webinar), it can still cause a few sleepless nights for developers.

Introducing the Forms Planning extension: This feature offers an editable pivot table with built-in aggregation functions and distribution methods, catering to both top-down and bottom-up planning scenarios. Data within the editable pivot table is automatically locked and refreshed as other users collaborate, ensuring an ultimate planning experience even for large teams.

Inphinity Suite’s May 2024 release empowers users with premium planning capabilities, real-time collaboration, enhanced design options, and improved developer experiences. With features like Forms Planning, commenting directly on sheets, and user group management, they are committed to enhancing your Qlik experience!

Hugo Sheng
Senior Director of Partner Engineering at Qlik
Commenting On The Sheet

In the previous release, we added multiple features to the Forms Commenting such as avatars, attachments, tags, or mentions. In this one, we bring the very same real-time chatting experience directly to your Qlik sheet. See the comments, and discuss issues and opportunities with your colleagues while interacting with objects on your sheet.

Enhanced Design Options

The built-in modern theme we introduced in the previous release became very popular very quickly. So, we enhanced it a bit, applied it to pop-ups, and made it available in the Forms Specific – Dimension notes as well.

Multiple new design options will also make some developers happy – meeting user requirements :). A number field with percentages is even more intuitive as the % symbol is always visible. You can now specify the background color of sections in the Single Form, and use field validation for Time and Switch field types.

Enhanced Developers Experience

Apart from the new design options mentioned above, developers can use new actions in their forms objects, “save all” and “delete row”. For example, they can be added as part of the action sequences of your custom buttons or what should happen when data is loaded. It’s up to you.

Custom field validation error message enables you to provide users the best explanation of what they should do, e.g. “Please fill all mandatory fields – highlighted in red.”

Also, to improve developer’s experience, they now always recognize key dimensions. Newly added dimensions are non-key by default (apart from the first one) so they don’t affect the data entry unless it is what you need. In that case, developers easily make the dimension part of the key with one click in the properties panel.

Improvements for Admins

User Groups in Qlik Cloud: From now on, administrators of large environments can use the new option to manage user permissions by user groups even in the Qlik Cloud. User groups become also supported for the Access Table type of access control.

License expiration notification: When your license key is about to expire, you’ll be informed in advance having enough time to renew and update the license.

Inphinity Flow

Inphinity Flow Wizard

In the last release, we introduced Inphinity Flow Wizard. A tool that allows you to design the pixel-perfect process on your Qlik sheet with all the options to connect it to the Qlik associative data model. In this release, we added some of the favorite features from Inphinity Flow, like all the actions, button-design if you delete the label or icon color using the color picker.

Tip: Even your Qlik application has its flow – you can easily create a navigation panel for end users.

Inphinity Mole

Mole keeps digging

Even though we didn’t add any new features to Inphinity Mole in this release, it keeps digging through your unstructured data in both, files and structured databases. If you want to move it to the next level, you can even integrate Inphinity Mole with ChatGPT to help you find the needle in the haystack. And when you add Inphinity Forms, users can correct the results and provide their feedback. The future is here…

It doesn’t stop there, with more than 60 updates and fixes introduced in this release, we have been busy ensuring that Forms, Flow and Mole provide you with all the capabilities and performance you’ve come to expect from Inphinity.

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Enjoy Inphinity Suite 😉!